Doctors Adventures Krissy Lynn


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Doctors Adventures Krissy Lynn is one smoking hot blonde babe who has no problem with giving her patients a private one on one consultation. Here Krissy Lynn shrugs off her doctor’s coat and reveals her bubblegum pink lingerie. Her bra is pulled under her enormous boobs while her lacy panties are ripped in two. Krissy rides her patient like a naughty cowgirl, her thick square glasses frames her lust filled eyes. Krissy uses one hand to balance herself while her other hand squeezes her firm round ass. The guy’s face is covered by her huge boobs so the only thing that is remarkable about him is his cock which slides deeper inside Krissy Lynn’s bare pussy.

Victoria Lawson Nurse Nailing


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Victoria Lawson Nurse Nailing is a scene that would shame all the other nurse sexual fantasies ever produced. Here Victoria Lawson fucks her heavily wounded patient in a reverse cowgirl position inside the operating room. Victoria has her nurse’s uniform taken off showing her small pert breasts from her red bra. She has her stocking clad legs spread wide open as she balances herself using the balls of her feet on the hospital bed this ensures that her patient’s penis will go inside her waiting pussy in one straight motion. Her lover lies down on the hospital bed, his waist bandaged from a wound on her stomach. She holds Vitoria’s hands like a slutty prisoner.

Doctor Adventures Memphis Monroe & Mason Moore


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Doctor Adventures Memphis Monroe & Mason Moore take part in a titillating threesome in the doctor’s office. Memphis Monroe and Mason Moore fuck their patient on top of a hospital bed. Memphis rides him in a reverse cowgirl position. Her huge round boobs bouncing off her chest. Her legs are spread wide open as her juicy pussy slides in and out of the large dick. Mason on the other hand is seen playing with Memphis’s vagina. Mason has both hands fingering her friend; her hands are both occupied in spreading her pussy lips as far as possible while rubbing her clit.

Doctor Adventures Phoenix Marie


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Doctor Adventures Phoenix Marie engages in a different kind of physical examination with her doctor. While most women come to the Doctor’s office to have their vagina examined Phoenix Marie on the other hand gets an anal probing from her doctor. Here a completely naked Phoenix Marie lies down on the doctor’s table. Her enormous boobs display her coin sized and completely erect nipples. Her long shapely legs are spread widely above her head exposing her naked pussy. Her doctor is half naked and is beside her, one hand holding her neck while he shoves his huge dick in and out of her ass.

Doctor Adventures Jayden Jaymes


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Doctor Adventures Jayden Jaymes gets down and dirty inside the doctor’s office. Hot latina Jayden James goes for a doctor’s appointment and is now on the midst of fucking him. Jayden rides him like a cowgirl. Her big boobs spill out from her salmon pink dress. She has her black skirt hiked up her waist to reveal her plump ass. She arches her back in pleasure while squeezing her ass. You could see how his penis is covered with her pussy juices as he pumps it in and out of her. This steamy action takes place inside a Doctor’s examination room.

Doctor Adventures Veronica Avluv


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Doctor Adventures Veronica Avluv gets fucked hard by her patient. Veronica Avluv must have given her patient an aphrodisiac instead of prozac which is probably why she is now lying on her hands and knees on her patient’s bed. Veronica has her humongous tits spilling out of her purple dress. Her doctor’s robe billowing from behind her. She has her stethoscope still hanging on her ear which she uses to check her patients heartbeat. He has his hand on her thigh playing with the straps of her white stockings as he impales her with his cock. their raunchy action takes place inside a hospital room with medical equipment on the background.

Doctor Adventures Sienna West


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Doctor Adventures Sienna West gets an unexpected shock when her Doctor performs a different kind of breast examination on her. Sienna West lies down on a hospital bed. her tanned sexy body glows in the glare of the hospital lights. She looks surprised at her doctor who is now busy massaging her enormous and perfectly round boobs with his bare hands. Honestly speaking if I were her doctor I’d be doing the same and then some like probably asking her to tit fuck my penis with her massive boobs. While Sienna looks like she’s not enjoying the attention she does nothing to prevent it from happening which means she’s curious to see what will happen next. I know I am.

Doctor Adventures Chayse Evans & Raylene


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Doctor Adventures Chayse Evans and Raylene engages in a randy threesome inside a doctor’s office. While the typical doctor patient sex fantasy involves two people to play the role of the Doctor and Patient here we have three sex-crazed individuals who play doctor, nurse and patient. Now since their clothes have been completely discarded it’s hard to tell which is which. Chayse Evans lies down on the hospital bed. Her legs spread wide to reveal her bare pussy which is being assaulted by a long hard dick. Raylene on the other hand is occupied with kissing Chayse fully on the mouth her naked body leaning down on her while their guy friend is busy massaging Chayse’s tits and pumping his penis inside her.

Doctor Adventures Lezley Zen


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Doctor Adventures Lezley Zen gets fucked by her patient in her own office. Lezley Zen is one smoking hot mocha skinned Doctor who likes to keep her professional distance and yet we now see her riding her patient’s penis in a reverse cowgirl position. Her doctor’s robe has been discarded and is now only wearing remnants of her outfit. Her red bra is pulled down to expose her gorgeous boobs while her skirt is pulled up on her waist her panties gone to reveal a perfect tan around her vagina. Her patient’s hand grabs her waist while he shoves her down on her throbbing cock.

Doctor Adventures Monique Alexander


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Doctor Adventures Monique Alexander gets an unexpected surprise from the doctor’s office. Here a naked Monique Alexander lies on the edge of the hospital bed her big round boobs hanging firmly on her chest, her pink nipples erect. Her stocking clad legs are spread wide to reveal her naked engorged pussy. You can see how her clit is already a hard nub on her pussy lips. Her doctor stands with his legs spread wide in a squatting position as he slowly inserts his circumcised head inside Monique Alexander’s quivering vagina. The setting for this randy action is inside a examination room filled with medical equipment.